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Living in central Florida is great. Warm weather, sunshine and nice people all contribute to why the Fort Lauderdale Fl area is so nice to live. But life in a sub-tropical climate also requires extra attention when it comes to the exterior maintenance of your home. With so much sunshine, frequent rain and high humidity, exterior surfaces can take a beating.

Knowing how to properly clean mold, mildew, weathered wood, pool and patio decks, wood fencing, sidewalks, driveways and of course your home is why Pressure Cleaning Fort Lauderdale is the contractor of choice for homeowners and commercial property managers all over the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

Regardless of whether the project is residential or commercial, many of the underlying methods for a quality pressure cleaning job will remain the same. In this article we’ll take quick look at the five reasons why you should use Pressure Cleaning Fort Lauderdale for your next project.


Mold and Mildew

Left unchecked, mold, mildew and algae growth on any exterior substrate can cause problems both aesthetically and structurally. Over time, heavy mildew can eventually begin feeding on wood surfaces causing rot and wood decay. Live mildew spores under a fresh coat of paint will cause a new paint job to peel or discolor. Wood fencing, decks and siding can become discolored and unsightly as well if not kept clean and mildew-free.

 At Pressure Cleaning Fort Lauderdale we use a low pressure, high volume hand pump to insure that bleach and detergents are strong enough to actually kill the existing mildew spore. Running the required cleaning solutions through the pressure washer only provides a solution too weak in some cases to effectively kill the mildew completely.

 Most pressure cleaning operators are unaware that bleach is diluted 10 to 1 when run through the pump’s in-line siphon tube, resulting in a surface that looks clean, but will grow back much faster then if the mildew spore had been killed.


Stained or Clear Sealed Wood

 Natural wood is easily discolored from mold, mildew sun and water damage requiring special attention when being cleaned. Heavy exposure to sun can cause a “gray petina” on the wood that when cleaned early enough can effectively restore the woods appearance when done correctly.

 Using the wrong tip can often discolor or create gouges in the wood.. – causing a permanent flaw that in most cases cannot be removed. Using our low pressure pump techniques, combined with the proper application of detergents and/or bleach will allow your original wood look to be restored as much as possible without adding additional flaws to the wood.


Preparation for Painting

Pressure washing for the preparation of a new paint job is critical to the overall lifespan of the new coating being applied. Knowing how to strip loose paint without damaging the surface is important along with the removal of chalk, dirt and mildew. We use a combination of tip sizes and techniques to clean the substrate as thorough as possible prior to the surface prep that must be completed by hand.


 Pool Decks, Pavers, Sidewalks and Driveways

A pool deck or patio floor will require a different cleaning approach then a driveway with oil stains will. Pavers and certain grouts also can be damaged or discolored if not cleaned correctly. No matter what floor surface you need pressure cleaned, Pressure Cleaning Fort Lauderdale has the experience to recommend the best specifications and techniques for cleaning these important surfaces.


Plants, Landscaping, Patio Furniture

 At Pressure Cleaning Fort Lauderdale we understand the importance of protecting your landscaping, outdoor furniture, light fixtures and other belongings from the potential damage that pressure washing, detergents and bleach can cause. You can have complete confidence that all precautions and necessary steps will be taken to avoid any collateral damage to your plants or other items surrounding the structure.


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