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Roof Cleaning

At Pressure Cleaning Fort Lauderdale we take seriously the importance of cleaning your roof with the right specifications. With our experience, professional equipment and expert techniques you can be assured of a quality job that’s done safely, affordable and with great customer service.

Cleaning any roof requires a skilled craftsman with the right machine and specifications to not only clean the roof properly, but to avoid possible damage to the roofs substrate or to anything around the house as well. Caustic chemicals, too much PSI or the wrong sized tip can cause tremendous damage to the roof if it’s not done correctly.

Even the weight of the worker and the way he/she steps on the roof can also cause problems with broken tiles, shingles, and metal roofs. Having the experience and knowing what you’re doing is so important when cleaning a roof because of the potential problems that can develop.

Not only that, but protecting the surrounding areas below the roof are also important. With large volumes of water, detergents and some debris coming off the roof everything underneath needs to be protected while the work is being done. This includes surrounding plants, landscaping, vehicles, people and pets. With Pressure Cleaning Fort Lauderdale you can have complete confidence in the way we work and the care taken to do the job for you in a professional manner.

 Dirt, Mold And Mildew

Dirt, mold and mildew are the most common reasons for cleaning your roof. Algae and fungus are actually live organisms that will continue to reproduce and grow. Eventually the mold and mildew can begin feeding on the coatings or even the substrate of some roof types if left unchecked for a long time.

In order to kill the live mildew spore and prevent it from coming back too quickly, a concentrated solution of cleaning agents must be applied to work properly. Using a low pressure pump-up sprayer as a first way of applying this solution is often recommended. A high pressure cleaning can be used once the bleach and detergents have done what they were intended to do. Which is to kill live mildew spores.


Tile Roofs, Shingles, and Metal Roof Cleaning

Every roof type requires its own specifications and method for cleaning. The contractor needs to know how to walk on a barrel tiled roof, or how to clean an architectural shingle roof without damaging the protective asphalt coating. Metal roofs, flashings and high pitched roofs have to be approached individually for safety to the structure, the technician doing the work and all surrounding areas underneath.


Gutters, Sidewalls and Walkways

As part of our normal service, Pressure Cleaning Fort Lauderdale will clean out any gutters and downspouts, rinse down sidewalls as needed and clean any debris or dirty water from patios, decks, walkways and driveways. A thorough and professional clean-up of the entire job site is then done to make sure your property looks great when we leave.








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